Candle Questions

Why Coconut Soy Wax? - It was extremely important to me to make good quality, clean and safe candles and in researching wax I found that Virgin Coconut Soy wax was the best out there. It is a plant-derived, vegan blend of natural soy and coconut. It has a creamy white appearance and gives an evenness of burn and wax consumption. Our wax at Ashlee Brianna Co. is gluten free, toxin free, paraben free, and phthalate free. The entire blend utilizes only FDA approved waxes so you have peace of mind while using your home.

Why Wooden Wicks? - Great question, not only do they provide a subtle crackling sound, they are organic, non-toxic and eco-friendly sourced from FSC-certified mills and made in USA.

Why is my flame so high? - If the flame seems high or the container is too hot in the midst of burning, simply extinguish the flame, let it cool down, trim the wick and restart!

Why does my wax discolor after burning? - Wooden wicks contain a naturally occuring tannin pigments (in the wood). Once burned this pigment may discolor the wax a bit, but it doesnt affect the preformance.